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Thread: How do you flash PIC18f 4550 Boards?

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    sensi Guest

    How do you flash PIC18f 4550 Boards?

    I've been searching around for hours and can find hardly anything, just some stuff on

    i have their installation package, contains tons of demo stuff for MPLAB

    Managed to get their custom driver to load, so now my board is recognised by windows.

    Trying their tool called 'pdfsusb' which your supposed to be able to use to flash it,

    However, i'm just getting:

    WARNING - Failed to program CONFIG DATA
    MESSAGE - Programming CONFIG DATA...
    WARNING - Failed to program FLASH
    MESSAGE - Erasing and Programming FLASH...

    any ideas ?

    piece of crap this board is lol here's the listing on ebay: Z4663QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem#ht_1239 wt_1139

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    DeViL303 Guest
    sounds very similar to my one but mine works ok, no errors, that software sounds like picdem, ill upload what i got with my one , might help you,it contains an instruction pdf, latest spoofing hexs for 3.41 and 3.15, working picdem flashing software and dongle driver.

    make sure to hold button when inserting dongle, then open software, then select only usb device in little dropdown menu, then flash, then when flashing its important to click cancel when error comes up about configuration data, DONT CLICK YES OR NO, YOU MUST CLICK CANCEL. its all in the pdf anyway.

    EDIT: read a bit more about it and it seems it is definitly same hardware as mine, exact same MCHP bootloader with 0x800 offset, if it still doesnt work using that software and instructions I uploaded I would recommend looking for a replacement , possible the bootloader got wiped off this one , or it was just faulty from day one.

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    sensi Guest
    thanks, that gave me completed flash thanks a lot

    i do power cycle, put in board (ps3), hit power on and eject straight after. It beeps 3 times quickly and boots

    i have no install PKG option or anything, what am i doing wrong?

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    tableturner Guest
    use iLLNESS's PSGrooPIC Hexes, and you should be fine.

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    DeViL303 Guest
    The beeps are just cos no disk in, shouldnt make any differance. All I can say is make sure you are hitting eject soon enough after power, it needs to be nearly instantly, 0.2 sec or less, after that I dont know, try reflash with different hex from the folder. the one called original firmware is original psgroove that I got on my stick, try that.

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    CJPC Guest
    Check to make sure you have the right payload, and are on the proper firmware!

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    chimpton Guest
    many thanks for the tools, grabbing as well.

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    sensi Guest
    hexes in that pack were great thanks.

    please mark as answered! or do i need to do it ?

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    CJPC Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sensi View Post
    hexes in that pack were great thanks.

    please mark as answered! or do i need to do it ?
    You can do it, hit the "(Mark Best Answer)" right in the title area of the post that was helpful!

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