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Thread: How do you download game updates from PSN with PSGroove

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    flex360 Guest

    How do you download game updates from PSN with PSGroove

    I am able to connect to psn just fine, using the proxy software, but when i try to play a game while connected to psn, it asks for me to download the update to continue, but when i select to download the game update, it fails.

    anyone has been able to download game updates successfully since 3.42 got released?

    please lemme know

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    mekisi Guest
    what's the code of the error. and if you are using PSGroove most of the games cant updateable with psgroove you can check the compablity from here:

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    Osirisx Guest
    short answer is you can't download the updates or add any DLC to the game you are trying to update when playing online.

    that question was answered at the beginning of all this jailbrak crap.

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    rocielvn Guest
    if you did jailbreal your PS3 then you cannot download anything on PSN.

    You can read manual on PSgroove.

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    ragnar Guest
    if i dont have my PS3 connected to the net at all and have internet connection disabled, do i still need to get the updates to play the game?

    im currently backing up a heap of games but will be pissed if i can't play them because of this. i dont care for online play at all as this system will be for ofline playing of backups only for my kids.

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    Osirisx Guest
    no you do not need updates to play offline. but there might be some games that have had updates to published to fix bugs which would be a problem.

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