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Thread: how do u play burned ps1 games on ps3?

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    2o6lilnick Guest

    how do u play burned ps1 games on ps3?

    i have a 60gig ps3 and have wasted like 10 cd-r's trying 2 make this work. im trying 2 burn ff9 disk1 with acohol120%. ok when i first downloaded ff9 it came in 4 parts just like the original did. but when i unzipped ff9 disk1 it gave me 4 files.

    1) a .cue file that is 1KB
    2) a .img file thats like 700MB or so
    3) a .ccd file thats 1KB
    4) and last a .sub file thats like 28.8MB

    when i put the burned game in my ps3 it DOESN'T come up in the game menu, only the photo/music/video. when i go to 1 of the 3 sections it shows up as a data disk. when i try and play the disk in 1 of the 3 sections it wont. i tried burning this game in as many ways possible.

    i dont know if its my console or what but its pissin me off! if this is any help i have the latest system software, version 2.76 so n e 1 that can help would be very useful. IF YOU FIGURE THIS OUT THANK YOU SO MUCH! IF NOT THANK YOU ANYWAYS.

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    iCEQB Guest
    You gotta be kidding right? You first have to put in Halo 3 in your PS3, and play it through, if the PS3 recognises a Halo 3 Savegame, it activates the PS1 Backup support.

    Make sure to have iXtreme 1.6 installed on your PS3, it's only working that way... dunno, got to be glitch or something!

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    maxpwer222 Guest
    You can't play burned PS1/PS2 games on the PS3. There is a way to play PS2 games off a HDD on the PS3 but it has poor compatibility/speeds.

    If you have questions about properly burning a PS1 game there are literally 100's of guides on how to do it. Just type in burning Ps1 games in google and you will have your answer.

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    BornMunson Guest
    Just burn the game as normal and put it in the PS3. Then press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, X, O, X, O, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, Select, Start. Should play any PS1 games after that!

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