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Thread: How do I +Rep someone who helped me?

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    PSPSwampy Guest

    Thumbs Up How do I +Rep someone who helped me?

    This isn't so much a post asking for the answer to the question. It's more a post to highlight the fact that you can do this and more importantly that you should (when it's been earned).

    If someone posts something that helps you, or simply a post that you think is worthy of a +rep boost then you should +rep them. It'll make them feel better, add weight to their future posts (high REP = respected past comments)

    Similarly if someone posts something bad you have the right to -rep them too. This shouldn't really be used if you simply disagree with their point of view/opinion - it should be used when they've done something really deserving of a -rep!

    When you + or - rep someone you can also leave a comment for them to read - it's a nice gesture to let them know WHY you've + or - rep'd them.

    So... HOW do you +/- rep someone?

    On every single post on the forums at the top right you will see a little green icon (see attached example):-

    1. Click the green icon (highlighted by the red outline in my example)
    2. Select either "I approve" (+) or "I disapprove" (-)
    3. Enter a comment if you want to
    4. Click "Add to Reputation"

    This function is available, can't help thinking it doesn't get used enough - i always try to remember to +rep people when I see a quality post. I am very careful in using -rep and try to only give these out when the post really deserves it.

    Anyway - hope this helps you out. I always refer to people's reputation as it generally gives a pretty good indication as to how experienced they are.

    Note: +rep's are weighted (at least they used to be!), senior members give more that noobs and +/- rep from PS3NEWS can make or break you! lol


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    barbnjason Guest
    +rep maybe the boss can move this to the guide section or a sticky somewhere. Also more rep = less adds on the pages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSPSwampy View Post
    This isn't so much a post asking for the answer to the question.
    OK, I will consider this answered... and now closed.

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