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    How do I know which hex file to choose?

    I know this is a noob question. But, I am a noob. Anyway, I bought a AVRkey. I know how to flash it but, I have been searching all day and I have downloaded several packs. There are so many hex files. I don't know which one to choose. How do I know?

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    get the hex file that provides the functionality you need. which most often than not means the latest. go hermes v4. (albeit there is a 4b) as well.

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    PL3 or Hermesv4b whichever is ported to your board.

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    It also depends if it fits or not on your Bord!

    Do you happen to know how much Mem you have??

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    You should remember name of your chip (eg.PIC18F2550,AT90USB1287/ the name is on it), name of the board (eg.ATAVRXPLAIN), ewentually it's capacity.

    Now, search for an archive named as your board/chip with the right hex file, flash and go!

    Ps. If You feel like a noob start in tutorial section! Reading don't hurt too much...

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