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Thread: how do i get unbanned from psn

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    tyrell11 Guest

    Question how do i get unbanned from psn

    ive been banned by psn does anybody know away to get unbanned

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    justMaD Guest
    how the hell did you manage to do THAT?

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    ccfman2004 Guest
    Sony did state that anyone caught modding their PS3 to do illegal things (ex: play pirated games) they would be banned from the PSN network.

    Whether this is like they way Microsoft Bans only the console and not the account, I don't know.

    This is the first time I've ever heard of someone being banned from the PSN.

    Is your PS3 modded in some fashion?

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    cfwprophet Guest
    No way to this time.

    So he also could used bad spelling on online games to get banned from psn.Or maybe he used some cheats?

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    mattdrumgod Guest
    That one guy got banned from sending out messages to random people inviting them to a killzone beta. Other than that I can see it being really hard to get banned.

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    Bickstar Guest
    Looks like we'll never know?

    Can you get banned from giving out verbal abuse playing games & get reported?

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    Duff Man Guest
    if so wouldn't someone have to report you? surely sony has better things to do than look through all chat and game logs - you know, like making more games...

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Just wait it out, I got banned once... it was something like 20 minutes... I think someone solo'd me out when they saw me on the network... anyways... their bans aren't that long...

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    Homeless2 Guest
    may I ask what you got banned for?

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