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    [UnAnswered] How do I get Home without getting invite from SONY?

    I have seen some stuff out there, but reports say you can't even play it..

    So thats pretty much pointless. Is there any way i can get PS Home without being invited to it?

    I am sick of waiting for sony to full fill their promises... and home looks fun.

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    Jun 2008
    I've managed with the help of this thread:

    But as the title suggests you can install it.. check out its pretty load screen, but getting onto the servers seems to be where it ends.

    Its good fun trying to get in though, I feel like an outsider looking through the window at all the beta testers playing around in Home.

    I will get in!!!

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    Jul 2008
    i dont think you can... sadly

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    You can only install it but not use it. Just wait for an open beta or a way ti use it.

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    I am looking forward to the open beta.. Hopefully it happens later this year.

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    You know if you have a friend with home then you could just ask them to play theirs...

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    It is possible to get into Home without being invited. A few people have done it, but none have divulged how.

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    Jul 2008
    By the looks of things the general populous of these forums are wiser than to fall for such a ploy but I recieved a message via my PS3 account the other day inviting me to the beta, the user name was home_beta and asked for my email and password in exchange for registration info to the beta of home. It was full of spelling mistakes and such, and obviously a scam, if anyone else out there sees it, beware. Sony will never ask you for your password, so dont give it out.

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    There is no way into the Home Beta without being invited. You can download the pkg file and install it via the proxy ps3 method, but it will not sign you into the servers as the logins are managed by Sony and only invites get connected. Just have to wait like the rest of us poor saps.

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