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Thread: how do I get from 2.10 to 3.41 on my firmware?

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    lopaka311 Guest

    how do I get from 2.10 to 3.41 on my firmware?

    I know it starts with something about holding the power button down till you get a double beep... I also know there is a tutorial on updating your firmware to a newer but not necessarily the newest firmware but the search feature has failed me and I would really appreciate assistance.

    can some one point me to that tutorial or tell me what to do?

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    msr Guest
    There are links here on this board, to the correct version of firmware and the link to download. Also check the sha1 number to make sure your updating with a correct file after downloading.

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    lopaka311 Guest
    I know there are links to the download I need the tutorial so I can install the firmware as an update to see if my console is one of the few that might get the blu-ray player back as I have no clue wtf has been played on it.

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    ethical Guest
    download this this is the 3.41 updat.pup file

    put usb stick in pc/laptop

    make a folder called PS3 then inside that folder make another called UPDATE on the usb stick

    put the downloaded 3.41 updat.pup file on the usb in the UPDATE folder

    plug usb into ps3 then go to system update then update via storage media

    then press X and follow on screen instructions

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