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    solidtudor Guest

    How do I downgrade a PS3 3.60 help?

    Is there any easy way to downgrade my PS3 to 3.55? Accidentally upgraded it to 3.60... I know how to solder but I rather not do that (I want it the easy way).

    I forgot to add, is it possible to downgrade with an Iphone?

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    technodon Guest
    if your ps3 has a nor chip you can downgrade with a flasher and i think that the iphone can be used to put the console into factory service mode but you still need a flasher anyway so i would get a e3 card reader or ps3key for this task.

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    solidtudor Guest
    I have PS3 Slim CECH 2004A. Do I need to open up my PS3 for this task?

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    Disco2013 Guest
    An e3 is needed for the slim.. no need for soldering it just clips in and works great for the ps3 slim.

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