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    How do I downgrade my PS3 help?

    I have been searching this site all morning but I cant find any info on how to downgrade my OFW4.31 fat PS3. Any help would be great. A tutorial would be amazing. thanks for any and all help.

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    Hello there daddysboys.

    The only way you can downgrade your OFW4.31 is by using a Hardware flasher, what involves opening your console and do some soldering. You may have heard about 4.XCFW ... but for those to be installed, you have to be on 3.55CFW... no greater.

    You may check this thread:

    Where the OP, racer0018, may be clearer than me on this subject!

    Good luck!

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    HI guys ! I am new on ps3 world and I am on cech-4004c with official frame ware 4.31 and I would like to know about jailbreak stuff and how to do it I found one which was 4.31 CFW and they told me there is a package file installed, but no change, so plz guts I would ask you to guide me to the direct way of jailbreaking world thank you.

    I would like to know if my 4.31 official frame ware cech-4004c is downgradable or not thnks ?

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    Hi Kader ... The answer to you is the same I gave to daddysboys ... You can downgrade (or jump to 4.X CFW), but you need a hardware flasher.

    again, check here:

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    Is E3 the absolute only way to downgrade? Rather depressing

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    Whats more depressing is that you had your chance hikick8 all you had to do was not update

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    No the e3 is not the only way. Progskeet, e3 and teensy.

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