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Thread: How to decrypt and encrypt edats help?

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    niwakun Guest

    How to decrypt and encrypt edats help?

    Can anyone tell me how to do it? (not only for PS1 games but DLC edats and Themes)

    I'm literally clueless here atm, this might help me to decrypt dlc and themes to work on 4.21 CFW.

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    Lando43 Guest
    Read here, that includes all that's public

    I think that was never made complete though, but some people figured it out, you know who. Unfortunately they were never shared.

    more info here:

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    niwakun Guest
    found this:

    if someone can compile it or tell me what dev environment they used so I can compile it myself.

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    windrider42 Guest
    Scroll down to How to Create a PS3 PKG That Install EDATs Tutorial by aldostools

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    niwakun Guest
    making edat from pkg doesnt remove the license on edats, it just assume that all edats are free edats.

    - at the other side

    I just dig on the source code, yes, this is indeed a java program the decrypt/encrypt edats. I just missing some porion of the program, and need to fill these:
         * Performs checks on the header: -Version check: Must be between 0 and 4
         * included -Flags check: Checks that only valid active flags are set for
         * given version. Ver 0, 1 : Debug and compress Ver 2 : Debug, compress,
         * SDAT, Keys encrypted,.. Ver 3 & 4: Debug, compress, SDAT, Keys
         * encrypted... -Metadata section hash: Checks that metadata section is
         * valid (uses encryption key) -Header hash: Checks that header is correct
         * (uses encryption key)
         * @param rifKey
         * @param data
         * @param npd
         * @param in
         * @return
         * @throws IOException
    I need the rifkey, data, npd and in. I dont know what what to fill on those blanks, I already know the rifkey by just digging on the ps3 dev wiki, but I dont know what is data, npd and in is.

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    Liongooder Guest
    Use the PS3 eboot resigner, you can install any pkg & then go to Multiman/dev hdd00/game/and find the installed pkg (DLC, PS1, etc) copy the USERDIR to usb & resign it on pc using the tool, then take it back to dev hdd/game, copy & overwrite, it worked for me when i resigned, Crysis, God of war (GOS, COO), Sonic adventures, Coldboot logo, etc. check this:

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