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Thread: How to copy games to external drive using Gaia ?

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    ancient333 Guest

    How to copy games to external drive using Gaia ?


    Could someone please explain how to copy games onto the external drive using gaia. When it goes to copy, I just get an error message? Do I need to manually create folders on the drive first?

    Also is there a way I can make the external drive default for copying onto rather than the internal, if so how?


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    barrybarryk Guest
    format the drive to fat32 first..

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    ancient333 Guest
    Hi, yes it is fat32 already.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    if you're 100% sure it's fat32 then what error message do you get?

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    ancient333 Guest
    Uploaded a pic of the error, it is not just one line there are multiple lines.

    What I did... put the ps3 into jailbreak mode... then put a fat32 usb stick in and went to install packages and installed gaia manager, a message then popped up stating the default path (I believe it was the internal drive)

    Then when I load Gaia manager I put int a disc and press ciclre to copy then a message comes up asking if copying to internal, I say no the external option appears then I get pink purple screen with error messages?

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    barrybarryk Guest
    how big is the external, also I don't think genesis collection works.

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    ancient333 Guest
    the external is 160gb... does it create it's own save path or do we need to... if we need to what should the path be?


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    proctologic Guest
    games goes to GAMEZ directory on external


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    ancient333 Guest
    I've tried that path but still get the error?

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    yessam430 Guest
    just create a folder on external called "GAMEZ" no quotes and it should work mine is working file like that and the folders the game is doesn't have to be a specific name either.

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