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    bb01 Guest

    How to convert the Hex Code to PS3Key .upd ?

    Hey all,

    What do i need to convert the hex code for the AVRKEY to the PS3key format (.upd)..

    I emailed PS3Key & they said to hex the key with Flip 3.4.2, however i keep getting the error "Could not open USB", so thought if i could use there own installer, that would be so much easier.. & know theres loads of people that would love to know how to convert the hex code to the .upd format.

    Thanks in advance

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    autumncowboy Guest
    Sorry bb01, but at this stage, it is not possible :-(

    The .hex files are complete images whereas the .upd files are best described as encrypted-patches to a pre-defined image. Now, the PS3Key has an special bootloader which decrypts the .upd file and patches it's built-in image. PS3Key do this so that they can "add-value" in the future without others copying their work. Well, thats the idea anyway

    However, you can "convert" a PS3Key to a generic "Teensy V1.0" (no ++!) clone by using the "Amtel Flip" program to overwrtie said custom bootloader+payload. Note that at perest, you will not be able to convert "back" to a PS3Key ... but it's not really a big deal as they have not exactly released anything spectacular and they are pretty behind on payloads (eg: hermes v3, retialPKG, etc ..)

    Hope this helps. Also, be sure to read http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-he...ey-113862.html

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