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    RFLGuedes Guest

    How to contact PS Jailbreak team?


    Besides the email on the website and through reseller, does anyone know any other way to contact the PS Jailbreak guys? Like a forum or something?

    I'd really like to chat with them about my malfunctioning PS Jailbreak dongle...

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    CJPC Guest
    Don't believe so - as other people are looking for them too. What is your problem, perhaps the community can assist?

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    RFLGuedes Guest
    Hi, thanks for the availability to help

    I'm with the following problem: i've bought a new PS Jailbreak dongle, did the setup by the book, got serial n/o from the upgrade application and flashed latest version, with all the green lights and success messages required.

    After that, I tested the dongle on my ps3 and it failed (I later found out that the console had updated do 3.55 :P ). After that, the dongle wasn't detected by any of my windows 7 (32 bit) boxes or windows XP sp2 when plugged in.

    All I get is both lights on (red, green), (fixed, not blinking) and windows bitching about not knowing the hardware. When attempting to upgrade drivers on 7, it says that the device "doesn't need new drivers", on xp it complaints that the drivers aren't adequate to the device :S

    I've tested several routes to get the dongle detected in windows (except the bridging procedure), with no success so far.

    In a nutshell, I can't flash my dongle anymore or change it's mode (downgrade/jailbreak) because I can't get it detected in windows. I don't know what caused it and what to do to fix it

    Thanks for reading and for helping.

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    CJPC Guest
    Well, jumping to the gun - if your console updated to 3.55, your out of luck for now, you can't downgrade it, nor can you jailbreak it.

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    RFLGuedes Guest
    Yeah... I've found that out the hard way

    Well some friends of mine have a un-updated ps3 and they don't mind trading for mine while a solution for the 3.55 doesn't comes up, so jaibreaking is still an option

    But now my dongle isn't working properly on windows and I can imagine that the ps3 won't detect it either....

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    Mad Lion Guest
    Maybe it's just encrypted. Some dongles are. (I belive original PSJailbreak is one of them.) In this case windows won't detect it. You must use their upgrader to flash it. Download PSJailbreak Updater from their official site, run it, and probably dongle will apear in program.

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