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Thread: how to connect to PSN help?

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    hristinabamze Guest

    how to connect to PSN help?

    how to connect to PSN without connect my jailbreak PS3 with my PC. I can't because my pc is in other room, so please explain my how to connect to PSN. When i try ps3 want to upgrade firmware.


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    bitsbubba Guest
    Wi Fi and a router with a PC is the only way for 3.55 and under.

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    elser1 Guest
    you will be banned from psn if you do this anyway... why bother, get another ps3 for psn if you want it that much or unjb your pirate ps3.

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    hristinabamze Guest
    i have router, i have signal.. i want to play online games and update my games.

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    fabian9907 Guest
    If you sign in, you will be banned unless you unjailbreak your ps3. Plain and simple.

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