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Thread: How To Check What Chip of PSJailbreak?

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    fenixkelvin Guest

    How To Check What Chip of PSJailbreak?

    Hi all.

    I bought a PS jailbreak i don't know whether it is clone or not, it had a button at the dongle, when i press the button while the dongle is inserted into my computer the device change to "AVR DFU Bootloader", is it upgradeable ?

    how to check which chip does the dongle uses ?

    Many Thanks

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    ordimans Guest
    mine is here:

    it's same button ? original PSJB are never release in shop...

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    fenixkelvin Guest
    seems like the same, got the warranty sticker...

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    ordimans Guest
    so i think it's upgradable, but you must have the hex for atmega32u2.

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    Drakhen Guest
    As long as the computer sees the chip in DFU mode it can be flashed with another hex... as far as knowing what chip you have you can goto device manager and see what chip is listed there.

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    fenixkelvin Guest
    In windows7 it says no driver installed for the device.

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    Drakhen Guest
    what does it show up as in device manager? the only other way to tell what the chipset is, would be to physically remove the board from with inside the casing, I had came acrossed a post a few days ago where they explained as to how to go about doing this.

    not sure if your device is the same but st the back end of the device there is a plastic cover remove that, you will see the end of the board there held securly in by to metal clamps on each side carefully bend them flat out, be careful not to stress the clamp too much because it can snap it is just thin metal and if you work to metal back and forth it will heat up and eventually break, then the board should slide out, you should be able to see the name of the chip printed on the chip itself.

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