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    freed12 Guest

    How to change Rebug 3.55 PlayStation Network icon help??

    Does anyone know how to this guys as i have created my own little theme which is blue but then i got that red playstation network icon in red so it makes the theme look awful so does anyone know how to change the icon please??

    Still think this site is the best site for ps3 stuff, Thanks in advance guys.

    i have comgenie file manager on my 3.55 so can anyone at least tell me what folder it is in??

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    technodon Guest
    if its possible, its most likley to be in dev_flash\vsh\resource\explore\xmb\category_networ k.xml or probably a rco file in dev_flash\vsh\resource\

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    freed12 Guest
    ok i'll take a look, thank you dude

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