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Thread: How to change PSN logo in XMB help?

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    billyreneoberra Guest

    How to change PSN logo in XMB help?

    Ok so i modified my XMB as far as i can and deleted all unused icons and renamed all categories but there is still one thing that is bugging me. the PSN logo that is always in the XMB no matter what theme you put on.

    so my question is does anybody know how to change that logo? i would guess it's somewhere directly in the flash memory or something but not sure. anybody know where on the hdd it is so it can be changed?

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    severusx Guest
    No, it is stored in one of the system RCO files, the problem is that the home icons for the XMB are very hard if not impossible to change. What I would suggest (and what I did) would be to use RCOMage to edit the name of the icon and re-purpose the category for something else.

    I named mine "Applications" and placed all of my homebrew apps and MultiMan under it by editing their PARAM.SFO files. I also moved "Install Packages" there by editing the the XML file for Game and PSN.

    Check out this thread for more details:

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    billyreneoberra Guest
    like i said i changed everything already. renamed the categories, also moved package files and got rid of the unused icons by editing the rco files and for the moving of the apps also the sfo files and no problem with that. all that's left is that i want to have a different icon instead of that psn log.

    it is in one of the rco files?

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    I will now mark this as Answered, as billyreneoberra has now done it and made a nice guide to assist others here:

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