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    thien Guest
    So bad. My PS3 running 3.55 CFW can run copied Swap Magic disc ? thanks.

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    okyoito Guest
    Basically you want to change your PS3's (including the ps2 aspec) region all together. How does PS3 region differ from PS2 region?

    We know that PS3 isn't so region free since Atlus could lock out all other PS3 regions except for the region the game was bought in.

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    jamesnesc709 Guest
    The only way to play a other region disc is to take a broken dvd drive of the ps3 and open it make sure the laser works. I just swap my disc simple as that. but you have to open up your machine. This method is all over youtube.

  4. #14
    thien Guest
    Another guys talk to me use c2d.exe tool to convert my PS3 ID from 8E to 84 but i can't cause error

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    windrider42 Guest
    You need a Retail Swap Magic. They are pretty cheap these days. And no you don't need to open your PS3 too use Swap Magic. Just use Swap Magic and OPL v.08 and play the game from USB

    So even if you change your region how are you going to play PS2 backups.

  6. #16
    thien Guest
    thanks. So the best way is use PC to emulation PS2 game?

    Anyway do you know about the error above while i change PS3 region ?

  7. #17
    windrider42 Guest
    Ask deank I would say. Did you dump the flash using multiman or memdump. Best too use Multiman

    Ok my question still the BC PS3 can't play PS2 backups on its own. So changing region how does this help you, unless you have retail disks or dongle.

  8. #18
    okyoito Guest
    I think he has retail discs and wants to play them on his Japanese PS3 but because of region locking it prevents him from doing so.
    The c2d.exe tool says that it does
    • Allows "converting" a Retail PS3 from one region to another (i.e. EUR PS3 -> JAP PS3, USA PS3 -> RUSSIAN PS3) Changing a Retail PS3 region unlocks playback for region-locked DVD/Blu-ray movies and PS1/PS3 games

    It says nothing about ps2 games HOWEVER can anyone confirm this?

  9. #19
    thien Guest
    I don't have retail game disc, only backup. I used multiman 5 times to get my dump flash on kmeaw 3.55 and it had the same MD5. Anyway i used cex2dex tool and convert my CEX to DEX no error but used c2d tool get error. But i never flash DEX flash back to my PS3.

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    windrider42 Guest
    As I said 'thien' your PS3 won't play PS2 backups by itself. You need Swap Magic Retail or dongle to play PS2 backups.

    So changing your region isn't going to help that.

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