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    snowkingcro Guest

    How to cancel installation of new PS3 OFW help?

    Hi to all! I have an FAT Ps3 model: CECHJ04 running Kmeaw 3.55 for several years now! Today, my son somehow managed to start to update the system (maybe a game was notifying, and he accepted)!

    So, when i have noticed it, it was too late, the system has already downloaded the update data,and at this moment, i have managed to turn off the PS3!

    When i powered it on , it started to install the update again! So, now is the system turned off,and i don't know what to do!

    If i take out the hdd and put another in it, would this fix the problem, or is the system update data somewhere in the memory of the PS3?
    Please Help!

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    NTA Guest
    Man, I think it's a done deal. This is the same thing that happened to me a year or two ago. Every time I turned it back on, it just kept trying to update. Lost all the games

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    misiozol Guest
    Worth to try your model is with 16mb NOR so all data would be first on hdd , swap hdd and try it , you will know when it ask you for update , try to put on usb CFW might work

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    snowkingcro Guest
    Thanks for the hint!

    Should i put my current CFW or a new one?

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    misiozol Guest
    Well obvious that, first current , if needed then newer and newest , very important REMOVE any disc in drive.

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    snowkingcro Guest

    So if anybody gets stucked in this one - here's what i've done:

    I put my kmeaw 3.55 CFW on USB, as misiozol told me; and my old 2,5'' hdd into the ps3 and turned it on!

    The system asked me to prepare removable storage with 3.55 update or higher...confirmed,and it started to format my HDD,and installed my CFW!

    When it started up,and all set up, i swapped the HDD again,and it worked like a charm! no lost data or save game! the only thing to do is now to find the downloaded data and delete it... Thanks again to all participants!

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