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Thread: How can I use PS3 NFO Files?

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    sokakpiskopati Guest

    How can I use PS3 NFO Files?

    Hi, I have ps3 3.65 i downloaded ac revelations to ps3 (use multiman)

    But when I open it it says you need upgrade to 3.72

    I saw the NFO on ps3news but how can i use it?


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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    Woah man. NFO files do not do anything. They are just text files.

    A fix hasn't come out for Revelations yet, wait and see.

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    The NFO files are basically just text files that tell the release information, such as the name, file name, size, description and any notes.

    So the only way to really use them is to take that information and plug it into Google or UseNet, etc and hunt down the actual game release files. Once you have them, you can unpack and use them on the PS3 as planned.

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