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    Deviouz Guest

    How can I tell if my ps3 bluray drive is dead?

    I hadn't used my fat ps3 in a few months, went to update MultiMan to latest version, after the update none of my games seemed to work from the DISC ICON anymore, some error code kept coming up. reinstalled BDEMU2.PKG & Restarted the SYSTEM, now no GAME DISC ICON shows at all anymore with any game disc in the BluRay drive..!!

    I'm not getting any Lights of Death or any Error Codes or anything now..!! Nothing even shows up when any Bluray Disc is inserted into the PS3.. How can I test to determine whats causing this problem..?

    When I insert a disc I hear these 2 disc read sounds then 4 Nuck Nuck Nuck Nuck sounds then nothing but that Infinite Loading Icon in the top right..?

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    saviour07 Guest
    Roll back your FW to OFW 3.55 and try to load an original Blu Ray - eliminating the possibility it could be you're CFW setup. If it doesn't work after that then it's the drive. If it does work after that then try to reinstall a CFW of your choice and see if that works.

    Honestly though, it sounds like the drive is dying/out of alignment if it's making disk read noises.

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    Deviouz Guest
    well I disassembled my Bluray drive and hooked it back up with all the covers off to see what was happening.. turns out the disc isn't even spinning at all..!!

    Once the disc is in and seated over the spindle with the white magnet on top, it just sits there while the laser module moves on the 2 rails to a certain location to begin reading the disc but then it does this thing where it just moves forward in 4 increments on the rails while the the 2 laser lenses bob up & down then everything just stops altogether and then nothing else happens..?

    I didn't even see any of the red or blue lasers come on either..?

    Does this mean my laser module is messed..?

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    joffe Guest
    The 4x bop is try to focus laser spot on BD layer - no laser, no focus. AFAIR the procedure starts with (visible) blue laser, if that fails it tries (invisible) infrared laser to check for CD/DVD. If you have set your drive to disc-loaded state you can remove the magnet and disc and you should be able to see seek and focus every time after dis- and reconnecting power supply.

    You could try a mobile cam to view IR laser, they normally are bit sensitive to IR - you can probe that with a TV remote control. If IR laser work you could try whether an audio CD is accepted by the drive. If so chances are very good that a new laser unit will fix your problem. Otherwise there might be a risk that the problem is related to controller board also (maybe power supply).

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    TheShroomster Guest
    I would say dead laser (i fix ps3s for a company near me) you should clearly see the blu-purplish light on start up if ya dont get a new laser its rare for a controller board to go bad and even it was you would have to remarry it to the MB. if you have access to another system open that one up and switch controller boards and try the other bluray in your system (should work).

    Also i have found a few times complete drives for just a few dollars more than the laser. shop around and look for the best warranty on the laser (longest i have found was 6 months). If you want PM me and I can send you the links where i buy mine.

    Good luck with the PS3.

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