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Thread: How can I restore the PS3 operating system on PS3?

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    digitalbeats Guest

    Unhappy How can I restore the PS3 operating system on PS3?

    I sent my PS3 into game stop to have them clean the inside because it was dusty. When I got it back the PS3 operating system will not come up. I can put a game into the console and play it but can not access the menu or even access it. PLEASE HELP! Is there a way to reload the operating system or do I now own a doorstop?

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    elser1 Guest
    ring up gamestop.. they owe you a repair mate.. can you get into recovery mode? try that.

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    digitalbeats Guest
    they claim they did nothing to the system. how would i attempt recovery mode? I do not even get the PS3 splash screen nor do i get the PS3 menu. I am so frustrated..

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    I actually posted on PS3 Recovery Mode the other day with a guide and video here:

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    digitalbeats Guest
    Thank you, thank you, thank you... that worked. You guys are awesome!

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