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    dekaspace Guest

    PS3 repair help?

    First, how simple is it to change a blu ray drive round? I have a spare fully working one so do I have to remarry it as they say or just change the boards on bottom round? both are from 60 gig ps3.

    Secondly another one I got was working fine but the fans were maxing out within a minute of turning on so took it apart, put new good thermal paste on and when put back together the eject/standby button on front isnt getting power.

    Tried with 2 other boards I had spare and 2 other spare cables that attached the board to mobo and still nothing, also tried a spare psu for the same type and you can hear the slight crackle at back of pc when cable is inserted or you press the switch so I dont know if its a ground issue.

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    Natepig Guest
    Just change the boards on the bottom of the drives. As for the other one, it sounds like you put it back together wrong or something. Take it apart and put it back extra carefully with tutorial.

    It might be as simple as the ribbon cable from motherboard to the on/eject controller is not connected properly.

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    dekaspace Guest
    Thanks for that, I will also ask whilst I am here if its worth it to upgrade the firmware as its on 3.62 right now (the working one) if I plan on downgrading again as soon as I can afford a E3 flasher i.e is it any harder to downgrade.

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    syphonlord Guest
    It is safe to upgrade to 4.00 ofw as e3 flasher can downgrade from 4.00ofw, and as far as i know its no harder than downgrading from 3.62

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Yeah you should be fine, the downgrade process is no different on 4.00 firmware than it is on 3.60 firmware.

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    dekaspace Guest

    How can I repair PS3 drive arms help?

    Disc got jammed in one I was testing so had to take it apart but curiosity got the better of me and I lifted the track up and popped one off and the cogs came off with it, not broken but cant find a guide to fix it.

    Then I tried a blu ray drive I had spare but the track didnt work on that one so had to take that one apart and ended up doing the same.

    So I need to know how to get the tracks and cogs back on.

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    TheShroomster Guest
    post a pic of what your trying to put back and i'll see if i can point ya in the right direction

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    It's not so difficult. Just make sure the spring is on the right place. iFixit and Youtube has more then enough how'-to's on repairing your drive. Also what drive is it? Slim? Or Phat?

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    racer0018 Guest
    If you post a picture I will tear apart one that matches your drive and tell could tell you more. I have never pulled mine apart.

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    dekaspace Guest
    I will get a pic up soon, the parts I mean is when you push a disc into the drive gently theres a mechanism that moves up tracks inside on both sides and one of those parts has come off.

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