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    Anyway replaced blu ray drive and it worked fine but got really hot under case and fan didn't kick in much.

    took it apart and it was coated in dirt so much the fan was clogged as well as dirt under the metal shielding of motherboard.

    Put mx-4 paste on and put it back together but now it has no audio or video but green light is normal, left hd out and still same and tried resetting picture and nothing also tried scart connection and hdmi.

    Both recognise a output i.e my tv switches to the channel cable is plugged into but nothing else.

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    Both GPU & RSX need reflowing. I've seen this time and time again, console works until opened up. When you take the board out, it flexes and stresses the BGA connections. If they are already weakened from prolonged 'heat-soaking' and lack of ventilation, the actual lead balls used to solder the ICs become brittle & oxidised - eventually leading to YLOD.

    60Gb boards - I'm guessing yours is either an SEM-001 or COK-002 - both used in the 60Gb PS3 (phatty) are prone to not only YLOD, but the main culprit is the Southbridge chipset (controls the audio/video output from GPU etc).

    If you look carefully at the RSX & GPU on your board... at each corner of the chip you'll see (or SHOULD see) a solder connection right on the very corner. I use these to judge if whether or not to reflow the chip, as these 'corner tags' are the first to be ripped off by the PCB flexing.

    Check them out, they're also on the southbridge chip (I'll try and find some pics to explain...)

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    It's a PAL chk03

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    i've got a 40 gb debug that blinks red as soon as its plugged in, does anyone have an idea what the problem could be?

    so far i've changed the psu & fan, but its still blinking. it was this way when i got it, so i have no idea what caused it.

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    Why did you post this here in a help thread about drive arms? But it sounds like it YLOD on you try a reflow and see if that helps.

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