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Thread: How can I play Tekken 6 on my External HDD help?

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    blackmask Guest

    Question How can I play Tekken 6 on my External HDD help?

    I am wondering how I can play Tekken 6 on my external I followed the psarc guide and when I add the Tekken folder to the usrdir main folder it doesn't show up on multiman or rogero or any other backup manager and I tried to boot it straight off the eboot file and it says file was corrupted and to delete game data.

    I also tried to take the files out of the Tekken folder and just add them to the main with the other data.bin's and idx files and overwrite them and it still doesn't work, so I am wondering what did I do wrong? Thanks

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Tekken 6 has one file over 2^32-1 bytes meaning it won't fit on FAT32 and so it can't be used on an external drive. So unless some solution to that has been found there is no way to make a lot of games work without using the internal drive. I don't know how the internal HDD file system is but it does seem to somehow allow for files 4GB and larger.

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    blackmask Guest

    Tekken 6 wont load and black screens with Hermes?

    i'm having problem i've ripped it 3 times now and they all come up the same i've tried numerous methods and nothing is working after the message that says the game saves automatically if a disc is in it will have a black screen and i've waited like 10 mins and it never showed up.

    i've tried the select + x method it don't do anything, ok and if the disc isnt in it will give error after it says game saves automatically stating files are corrupted and game will now quit please delete game data. i have mm vr 2.03 fw 3.55 [sc-8l hermes].

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    I'm not sure what you're saying. If you're still trying to rip it to an external HDD I already gave you a detailed answer why it won't work. If you're trying to rip it to the internal HDD there should be no problem with any of the standard managers. Although I've never used MultiMan personally, it should be perfectly fine for ripping any games. I don't remember if the game needs an original disc though, if you did rip it to the internal HDD then run it with any original disc.

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    blackmask Guest

    Question How to play Tekken 6?

    Could anyone tell me a step by step process of how to put Tekken 6 on a internal or external it don't matter which from beginning to end, 'ive reripped a fresh one again and i just want to get it on it, so that way I know for sure i'm not missing ANY steps to it big or small.


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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Rip it directly to the internal drive. That's it, that's all you need to do. If you have it on your PC you have to split the file that's over the 4GB-1B limit before transferring it to your internal drive, the manager will take care of the rest. Just search for PS3 file splitting programs if you need. I don't remember if it requires an original disc or not while running, I always use one anyway.

    Edit: I just noticed you're the same guy who asked last time. You just don't listen do you, I already explained why it won't work in an external drive.

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