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    Question [Answered] how can I play a ps2 backup on a ps3?

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    i need your help see i burn the iso file to a dvd and i did the swap trick with the discs but my problem is that the burned disc i put in giving me a error tell me please how to do this the correct way. plus i burn the iso file in 4 x speed what i did wrong ?? note i have a ao1 model ps3.
    Best Answer - Posted by PS4 News:

    Here are a few links that may help with the older/riskier "swap" method of playing PS2 backups on a PS3:




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    afaik, disc swap trick without special eject hardware modification will not work.

    The only way you can play PS2 games through burnt discs is by using a Cobra USB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by niwakun View Post
    afaik, disc swap trick without special eject hardware modification will not work.

    The only way you can play PS2 games through burnt discs is by using a Cobra USB.
    this is what i am talking about on my ps3 here is the video:

    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    You may want to check this out as well: http://www.ps4news.com/playstation-3...e-is-released/
    thank you ps3news, here is another video please help me

    this what i am trying to do
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    do you know swap magic will still work with 3.66 fw ??
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    There have been mixed reports on that really... quite some time ago (back in like 1.xx or 2.xx PS3 Firmware, can't recall when exactly) some users/regions reported it was blocked (the Swap Magic Disc ID was blacklisted by Sony) but then others said they could still load it fine. I would say by now in 3.66 OFW chances are good it's blacklisted for all, but if you have a disc handy it would still be worth it to try since it only takes a minute to find out.

    Another idea may be to hunt down a Swap Magic ELF file that was hacked to work without a disc, and then find a PS3 app to launch that perhaps... you may even need to change it's ID if it still doesn't run that way. Personally I think the Open PS2 Loader I linked previously is the easier way to go, or heck, just get a used PS2 console and mod it to run backups.

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    ok about me burning the iso image to disc did i do that right. i sent you a pm as well. do you know any other links you can give me ???

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    It's been forever since I burned a PS2 image to disc, but we have an old PS2 CDR iMAGiNG & BURNiNG iNSTRUCTiONS guide for CD-based games and for DVD-based PS2 backups you can follow THESE guides or give THIS method a try.

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    being i can't see the disc to check it i'm unsure. but if you just made a 1:1 copy of it it will be fine. i used nero copy disc function and worked 100% except for dual layer games wouldn't play.. the speed at which you write to disc doesn't matter. i go max speed 8 or 16x i'm not sure and they work 100%

    good luck and if you get it to work please let me know as i'm trying to get this to go now also. i'm on 3.60 ofw on a fat 60gig..



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