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Thread: How can I flash my 60gb ps3 console help?

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    lukeprout1 Guest

    How can I flash my 60gb ps3 console help?

    I installed rebug toolbox on rebug 3.53 firmware and decided to install other os so I got the fie which was being requested by it from github. I then went to install it from usb hard drive and went to boot other os with lv1 patches changing the boot order in which I gave myself GLOD (Green Light Of Death).

    That was the end of my beloved 60gb console. I tried following the official guides for changing my boot order back to gameos by holding the power to the first beep. When that didn't work, I tried going into recovery mode by holding the power till I heard to quick beeps but there was nothing on the screen.

    My USB ports were dead as a result so I couldn't insert any storage medium nor did my memory card slots work nor could I use the lv2diag.self file plus pup file for factory service mode. The disk drive worked but there was no hard drive activity.

    Just one flash and that was it. Is it as simple as replacing the battery in the motherboard or do I need to reflash it? Is there anything out there for Nand or is it all for Nor?

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    misiozol Guest
    There is nothing on screen but console is actually working in safe mode , you can do it from memory just visualize , or use a flasher

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    lukeprout1 Guest
    I tried everything I could find online even my own techniques but all failed. It was totally busted. The only things I could suggest is replacing the watch like battery in the motherboard or taking it out and putting it back in again and putting the ps3 back together again or using a nand flasher for the ps3.

    I have researched on the 60gb but all I can find are soldering techniques for attaching the flasher to the motherboard but nothing on solderless except for solderless Nor flashers which only work on the latest Nor consoles. Is there a prospect of a solderless Nand solution being released soon.

    I honestly do not want to have treacherously solder anything as I am not a solder expert. Anyhow I plan on getting a new ps3 60gb soon on 3.55 ofw. It is a cechc03 model. If you can help me, I could have two fully functional 60gb ps3 consoles.

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    ripplar Guest
    Look at progskeet with a 360 clip

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    misiozol Guest
    Or if you live in US you can try to contact one of users that is providing downgrade service , check out PS3 Marketplace.

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