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    Mar 2011

    How burn ps3 games using blu-ray burner ?

    Hi !!

    Im new here, and I have a ps3 with wutargrz + geohot + multiman and all works fine. Now I have a pioneer blu-ray burner and I received 5 bd-r 25gb each, and 5 bd-r 50gb. All medias are version 1.2 (don't know what is 1.2...).

    Now the question is: is possible do backups from my games ? If yes, what program is needed ?

    And second: is possible burn the games downloaded form net to a bd-r ? Some games are really small... If yes, how, because there is the ID folder with the game code, etc and I have no idea how burn.

    Hope someone can help...

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    Mar 2010
    NO, as there is an image on the original that no other BD-drive can read only the PS3.

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    Sep 2008
    currently not possible, but hopefully very soon in the future this will be possible.

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    Jun 2009
    Not possible... YET, hopefully.

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