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Thread: How 'Backup Manager' mounts games?

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    Gunner54 Guest

    How 'Backup Manager' mounts games?

    Hi, I'm currently trying to create my own 'Backup Manager' using the Official SDK. I have read through ALL the functions in the '.chm' file and found nothing relating to mounting\changing the path used by 'dev_bdvd'. I got told it was the BD Emulator, but after reading through the '.chm' I've found that the BD Emulator can only be operated from a Host PC using this :
    dtcfsutil.exe cp /app_home/TEST-00060.emu /dev_bdemu/0
    That command can only be used on a Reference PS3. Also, that command cannot be executed from a '.SELF'.

    I simply want to know how 'Backup Manager' mount's backups from an external HDD into 'dev_bdvd' via functions in the SDK.

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    CODGlitcha Guest
    lol unknown out most people you need help? lol

    I don't know much about how it mounts but if you ask this guy who has created a stealth manager version maybe able to help as he has been able to package almost any pkg file correctly.

    OMG, i can't remember his name, if i recall it was xcellarator or something on NGU.

    Hope that helps (even though you don't help me)

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    CJPC Guest
    Yeah, for starters it is NOT the bd_emu as you said, how it works is that their payload (on the USB stick) modifies the PS3's kernel to redirect any calls to "dev_bdvd" to either a USB disk, or internal HDD!

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    Gunner54 Guest
    Unfortunately, I don't have the necessary tools to look into the PPC code and find out what calls are modified in the lvl2 memory. You might have looked into this. Do you mind telling me the calls (if you know) to activate the redirection?

    I'm not exactly asking for a tutorial. I know what need's to be done and how it's done. I just need the information that I don't have the ability to access at the time to find out these calls.

    I remember reading somthing about :

    I doubt that would work? and where has this random 36 come from?

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