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    lordbalders Guest

    How to activate PS3 system?

    I really hope someone can help with this. When Sony removed Other OS in 3.21 I decided not to upgrade and instead stuck with 3.15, which I still have.

    Shortly after that I had a problem with my PS3 and did a backup/restore. Problem was that when I restored my data & profiles my PS3 was no longer "activated".

    The problem this has caused is that I can no longer play games I had previously purchased from the PSN store because they just say:

    "To access this content, you must activate this system. Go to [PlayStation Network] > [Account Management] to activate this system. (80029514)"

    Obviously, as I no longer have PSN access without updating to the latest firmware I cannot connect to activate my system.

    I have jailbreak so can access things like xregistry.sys etc and was wondering if anyone know of any settings I can change or anything else I can do (short of updating to the latest firmware) that will set my PS3 back to "activated" status?

    Many thanks for any help/advice.

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    h0bbit Guest
    Unfortunately there's no way around this. There's no way (currently) to get your PSN purchases working again after modifications. Theres quite a few threads on this already, you can search and see others progress. Until there is some form of decryption , or you upgrade to the latest firmware, your PSN stuff is gone.

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