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Thread: How to access psn forum with ps3 web browser?

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    Mavrickjubei Guest

    How to access psn forum with ps3 web browser?

    Is there another gateway instead of having to jump on the pc? Is there something I can disable on the web browser?

    An access point in Playstation Home? Thanks!

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    daveshooter Guest
    Hi I'm interested in what you mean, can you alaberate a little more, like what are you trying to do? I understand you wish to go to PSN within the web browser on your ps3 but it is very limited in many ways compared to a computer. so once your there, then what? It helps if well can see your goal so we can dribble to you.

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    Mad Lion Guest
    Wel you cannot login into PSN via browser if you want that.

    If you wanna access official forums just type PS3 forums, or boardus in google in PS3 browser and click first result.

    PS3 browser is crappy and slow anyway and maybe would freeze on PS3 site.

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