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    [UnAnswered] Hong Kong PS3 + UK TV = help required

    Yes, I went and bought an English/Hong Kong PS3, as the plug was a three-pin there were no problems with plugging and playing...well one problem, the picture (on a UK television) is black and white, not properly colourized. What can I do to fix my PS3? Thanks in advance.

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    I did the same. I live in the UK and got a Hong Kong Ps3.

    You need a Either a TV which Supports NTSC via the scart (which gives a colour picture but Flickers) or use the HDMI Lead on an LCD TV which gives a perfect Picture.

    Because the HDMI is a digital output rather than an NTSC output like the Composite/Scart the picture can be displayed on any LCD/Plasma and you can run games in High Def.

    Unfortunately, there is no Quick Fix for this...

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    hello you have 3 choices:

    1: use an rgb cable or
    2: an convertisor ntsc/pal or
    3: an lcd/plasma and use component or hdmi cable.

    if you 're a tv not really old (max 10 year) the rgb cable are great.
    sorry for my english, but i'm french

    best regard

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