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    Studs Guest

    Homemade PS3 cheat pkg help?

    I have been searching for a guide to making my own cheat pkg's for days now. I still can't get the answers i need, so i'm asking here.

    Are they made in the same way we used to be able to make our own codes on the Xploder Pro on the PS1? Do i need a Debug PS3 to find said codes? I have Ps3 cheat enabler 1.4 and from what i can work out i can code the Eboot myself, but i need to find the right code in the games to modify the Eboot or make a new pkg. But how?

    Any help would be great.


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    Apr 2005


    The latest bugfix release appears to be PS3 Cheat Enabler v1.4.1, but as for learning how to make the cheats you may want to check some of the posts by Skiller here: codemasters-project.net/vb/index.php

    It appears most of the cheat lists used for devices like P3Go, PS3UserCheat, E3 GoldenFinger and possibly Code Freak for PS3 are based on them. Some are also uploaded HERE but you'd probably have to examine how they did them in order to learn.

    If I run across any simple guides I will reply back though.

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    Studs Guest
    Spanks very muchly Chief. Used to make my own trainers on the original Xbox. Can't see it being much more complicated than that surely? I'll take a look through what you've linked.

    Cheers again.

    Right... I've gotten to the point of modding the Param for hdd booting and decripting the Eboot.bin to a .elf. Next step seems to be C+ knowledge, on which i have absolutely none! (but always willing to learn ) This is gonna take a while, But i think i'm on the right steps to learning.

    Many thanks Big Boss man!

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