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Thread: Home Beta Hack?

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    Home Beta Hack?

    I remember reading an article while these forums were down that a group of unknown hackers were able to unpack the Home Beta PKG file and install it on their ps3's.

    Did anyone else hear about this? My one question for this group is why they are trying so hard on getting Home Beta while the same techniques could be used to try and crack PKG game files from the PSN in general.

    I could understand that even if this is not a hoax that all PKGs have different keys when encrypted but I still wonder if this is real or not and if this means that we might see free games ripped from psn soon.

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    That was covered here when we came back online:

    The German scene lamer StreetSkaterFU who tried claiming credit for it (as usual) is not a dev or hacker at all, just misreported as one by dubious sites to fool others in order to generate hype and traffic sadly. I brought this to Pirate's attention via e-mail, who ended up lying to me claiming "woox" was his brother when the IPs match his own on numerous sites defending quax... so it's obvious he doesn't care either.

    More about Skater is HERE and HERE among other places. In short, he's the same dumb kid who cried wolf at least 7 times now under his clueless "ICE" group, and nothing they did (ELF2SELF, PAIN hexediting, etc) shows any indication whatsoever they have a clue what is going on with PS3 hacking.

    The people doing the actual work he feeds off are Adrahil and FreePlay, Skater and RichDevX (among others) just bug them like they bug our own PS3 Devs constantly for info and files... neither of them are Devs at all.

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