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    Jul 2006

    Holding down heatspreaders on PS3 chips help?

    I got a cheap working 60 gig ps3 that despite working kicked fans to maximum within a minute of turning on.

    Took it apart and noticed that the heatspreader for one of the chips wasnt even attached to the board, in fact was at an angle and stuck on the metal shielding.

    So I tried some Thermaltake paste and used a tiny bit of force and tried leaving something heavy on top for a hour like I saw on youtube but one corner of the chip still slides ever so slightly.

    I do have some Arctic MX-4 somewhere but spent a hour today looking for it(had it yesterday as put some on my xbox)

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    Jun 2010
    i just use arctic silver, dont bother with the adhesive, you only get 1 shot then have to cut off again. its tacky enough to hold the spreaders. just be careful with placing the heatsinks on top.

    i always replace the paste beneath the spreaders this way.. and not had a problem.

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    Oct 2008
    9/10 the heatsinks don't make contact properly because the console hasn't been re-assembled properly previously, and more than likely the heatspreaders / chassis may be warped. Usually the metal chassis cover gets bent and the heatsinks no longer touch the processors evenly...

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    Jan 2009
    just paste it and connect your motherboard and pray to God the console stays cool

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    Aug 2007
    I have seen so many ways in which people have fixed this. From using pennys on it to using spacers on the back side of the ps3 away from chips. But i think that for the most part you are on most of the chip you should be good to go. THanks

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    Oct 2010
    you can bend the spacers so they put more down force and pressure on them also.. i've found it works quite well

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