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    [UnAnswered] Hmm... error creating a PSN ID.

    Hey, I just bought my PS3. =D

    It's version 1.1, I'm not willing to upgrade past 1.32 for the loader. Everything works fine, but when I create an account it says I need to update first. If I update to 1.32 will it allow me to create an account or will I not be able to?

    I want to be able to play Resistance online... So can someone plz help? I tried searching around a little.

    BTW this is my first post, this place looks great.

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    Well I'm just thinking... if I can't play online is it worth it... or should I sell and make a few bucks. I only bought the system because of the good deal I got and ISO loader.

    Resistance, NBA Street, Motorstorm, MGO2, Killzone. All games I was looking forward to playing online. Hopefully there will be a way.

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