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Thread: Hitman trilogy HD freezes help?

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    bassembb Guest

    Hitman trilogy HD freezes help?

    I'm on Rogero 4.30 and for some reason the Tubeway Torpedo mission in Hitman 2 won't load and hangs there forever, do you have any possible solutions? I've tried external, external mirror, internal, direct boot and the loading always hangs on that mission.

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    Liongooder Guest
    Maybe you have something wrong with your backup.

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    windrider42 Guest
    I agree with above. Remember if you change to many settings in Multiman, then you will need to delete game data most likely and start again.

    The game plays fine with just disc in PS3 and no extra settings on external.

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    bassembb Guest
    i'll retry and keep posted thanks

    the thing is that the other games play well!! thats intriguing!!

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    Azrial Guest
    Try downloading it again (or unzipping it again if you still have the files) as maybe there was a glitch in the original unpack.

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    bassembb Guest
    well 1 there is no game data from XMB and i even tried mm 4.14 same problem! i will try to download from another source

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    orive Guest
    It isn't your problem. I have the same problem in 3.55 in the same mission and I've heard the same problem as you and me in the same mission too

    See ya!

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    bassembb Guest
    hoping to find a solution

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    Liongooder Guest
    I meant the game backup it self, the size is 9.94GB without the update, the game works fine on Rogero 4.31.

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    bassembb Guest
    You mean 4.30!! at my knowledge there is no 4.31 only spoofed 4.30?

    could post how you got it working? thanks

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