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    Jun 2013

    Stick Out Tongue Hitman absolution PS3 help?

    Hello everyone, I had a question. I'm still looking for a crack for hitman.

    I have tried most all with the end result that my ps3 crashes or I get a black screen. have used various boot programs including multiman

    I can not find how to do this.

    Could someone help me

    I will now start with a blank ps3 without anything on it be jailbroken

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    Oct 2006
    I had this problem with 3.55 ... Upgrade to 4.xx cfw and put back a clean eboot

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    Jun 2013
    If you are not able to run Hitman Absolution while on a 3.55 OFW PS3, then you may need to update your Core_OS (inside pup). You can do this by simply updating to a 4.XX CFW.

    I recommend Rebug Lite Edition if you happen to do so.

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