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Thread: High Velocity Bowling USA PS3 MOVEmint question?

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    modmate Guest

    High Velocity Bowling USA PS3 MOVEmint question?


    Today the game High Velocity Bowling USA PS3 MOVEmint was released.

    Like the nfo says its not a usually JB game. There is no EBOOT.bin in it, just folders with FULL version of High Velocity Bowling and some other game demos as PKG`S.

    I`ve tried many different things to install that . PKG install wont work here, so i`ve tried the demo installer , made my needed files and put it on my int. HDD into the task folder. I reboot my PS3 without JB and now finally i can install the game. All went fine and i try the game for the first time----NEEDS DISC IN DRIVE.

    OK, next step was that i look into my int. HDD with FTP and search the game TITLE ID.... It changed so it took a min to find it.

    Here we go, I got the whole game INCLUDE THE EBOOT:BIN!!
    I ftp to my PC and send it to Launch1234\GAMEZ\xxx

    Go back to my ps3 and launch BM, yes i guess cause i can see the game now, no Icon , but i can see it. If i now try to start the game via BM a error appears the EBOOT.BIN NOT VALID.

    I`m Stuck right now and would like to know any suggestions for my problem.
    Is it a Param.sfo edit thing or can we manage to edit the EBOOT.bin??

    Greets Modmate

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    bill55 Guest
    I've been wondering the same thing. Would have been nice for them to include instructions since they mention it working. Of course they also say eyepet works and it doesn't so who knows if they got this one working or not.

    Please post if you figure it out. thanks!

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    freakoutcast Guest
    Here's the release notes... from my understanding you don't need a jailbreaked ps3 to get it to work thus that's why it doesn't work in BM as its not needed...

    I've yet too get my chip so who know maybe someone can confirm...
    Release Notes: |
    This is not a jailbroken game, as there is no EBOOT.BIN on the disc. When you insert the |
    original disc, it shows up like one of the New In PSN type menus. |
    Each game and demo is in it's own .pkg with an icon and parameters file. |
    We tested and were able to install this High Velocity Bowling as a full retail package, |
    which you don't need to be in JB mode to load/play. Demos were successfully installed |
    as well, but are still just Demos. |

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    modmate Guest

    High Velocity Bowling USA PS3 MOVEmint question?

    I found out that we got after PKG install a folder with the game ID NPUA80044, inside this we got the needed EBOOT.bin.

    -Run from XMB (needs Disc)
    -Put into gamez and start through BM (Eboot not valid)
    -Try different Eboot.bin (Starts but hangs and error)


    -Got a Debug PKG for HVBowling named UP9000-NPUA80044_00-HVBOWLING0000101-A0130-V0100
    -Installed the update through PKG install in xmb
    -Game starts now but at the starting screen i get an error because of BAD GAME DATA PLEASE REINSTALL

    Thats it so far, well i guess it was updated in any way before i do and therefore wont start anyway. Got about 5 Debug PKG`s for HVbowling but just the above i was able to install. I think we need the eboot from the original game release without any updates.

    Greets Modmate

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    daniel3006 Guest
    how did you manage to install the game? I haven't figured out a way to install it? in BM it says install disc, and I know that if I press it it will not be able to mount it, because as the nfo says, there is no eboot.bin ?

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    nikijw Guest

    to install bowling - not working without disk

    I have managed to install the game by using psn demo installer. I created pdb and placed the 3 files along with data0000.pkg into task folder under hdd00 vsh in folder 00000001.

    restarted ps3 and under game it gave option to install.

    unfortunately i have not yet managed to load the game as it requires the disk.

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    modmate Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by daniel3006 View Post
    how did you manage to install the game? I haven't figured out a way to install it? in BM it says install disc, and I know that if I press it it will not be able to mount it, because as the nfo says, there is no eboot.bin ?
    Install with demo manager, search on your ps3 for folder "NPUA80044" , inside you`ll find the eboot.bin wich is messed up in some way (possible Update included wich is on the retail disk??)

    Nothing work, nevermind what im trying to do. search the debug links for:


    You can install it from xmb with "install PKG". Thats v.2.0 and the only possible update for the game. The other updates are outdated the game says.

    After install that PKG you can boot the game fine until main game screen , there you get an error about bad installation and you get back to xmb. So, i guess its something about the updates or the gamerip itself maybe bad.

    I will stop right now until i find something like a retail release, maybe a bluray someday.


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    Decay71 Guest
    Got it Running!!!

    Very tricky, but here's how:

    Using Warninkokos hex, OpenManager 1.6 patched with latest poke for update compatibility:

    Just install the pkg with "Install Package file.."

    In the PS3_GAME Folder Create Folder USRDIR and copy the Eboot.bin from another game inside. (Needed by OpenManager to mount)

    Mount via OpenManager.. Run!!!

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