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Thread: Hi folks...

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    hfhfhfhfhfhfhf Guest

    Hi folks...

    I'm newbee... ok its done, I admit it.

    I bought a ps3 a couple of months ago along with the hand-held remote control. I registered the remote to the ps3, and it worked great. The ps3 crapped out, and Future-shop replaced the ps3, no problem. My trouble is that the original remote now wont work with the second ps3.... how do I get it to re-register?


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    Starlight Guest
    Not sure on this, but is there a setting in the ps3 menu or options to enable the feature for a remote, as i don't own a ps3 as of yet.

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    pacific808 Guest
    I suggest you try looking in the settings. There is a place where you can set up your bluetooth headsets, keyboards, and remotes.

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