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    trashchris Guest

    Hermes Payload v4 g1 help?

    hey goes does anyone have a working image for Hermes v4 on the g1?

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    g0newild Guest
    So far i know there's at least a Hermes V3 available for ipod nano 1g

    if you mean an ipod with g1

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    atrickpay Guest
    I think he means the android G1 phone, aka HTC Dream. I have this same question though.

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    trashchris Guest
    here is a copy of the payload that can be added to a previous htc g1/dream image. to update the image do the following :

    How to change a payload:

    * Download and extract one of the payloads
    * Put it in your SD card (it could be named anyway you like, but it is usually called payload, with no extension)
    * Copy it to /data/local/ , make sure it is named 'payload', without quotes and any extension. To do this you could:
    o use a root file system explorer, such as ES file explorer or Root explorer to copy the file to /data/local, make sure it is named payload (no extensions!) OR
    o Use a terminal emulator and type: cp /sdcard/payload /data/local/payload (change /sdcard/payload accordingly to how you named it)
    * Reboot phone

    credit to the guys at xda

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