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    Junior Member silencephaze's Avatar
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    [UnAnswered] Help with wired connection?

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    I have been reading that people can use the LG5tool to bypass the 3.55 update. I always used the lg5tool and it work on wireless connection, but i can't seem to figure out how to get it to work on wired connection? Can someone help me out.

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    as long as the network topography hasn't changed it'll still work just the same, you'd have to be on the 3.50 firmware though.

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    Yeah my ps3 is on 3.50 it seems lg5tool only reads my network ip not the router ip. That might be the reason it doesn't want to work.

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    what are the ipv4 addresses of the pc and ps3?

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    Are we talking about router ip? if so its for ps3 .. pc is .. what i did was change the ps3 ip to match the pc still wont work. Lg5tool seems to pickup the network ip instead of the router ip.

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    the ip on the ps3 stays the same you just enable a proxy and change address that to match the pc one reported in lg5tool.


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