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Thread: Help upgrading PS3 hdd?

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    Bigweezy18 Guest

    Help upgrading PS3 hdd?

    I'm trying to upgrade my 80gb hard drive to my new hdd i just bought! the problem i'm having is i only have two other external hdds thats 40gbs and there's not enough space for me to back up my 80gb ps3 hdd? What can i do?

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    birdvsworm Guest
    You said you have two other 40gb HDDs? So just split the data between the two, though it's a pain. Use a computer with a SATA cable or eSATA as your transfer medium. Most 2.5" HDDs are 5400 rpms so the transfer speed will take a little while, but even so, this should take no more than an hour and a half.

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    severusx Guest
    You can't actually do that birdvsworm, PCs cannot read the data on a PS3 HD. You don't necessarily have to backup the entire drive. Do you have game backups that need to be saved or just game saves? If it is just saves then you can go to the Saved Game Data manager in the XMB and transfer them to your external HD separately. This will take almost no space.

    Please note that not all game saves can be transferred in this way. If you have game back ups too, use your Backup Manager to copy them to the first external HD until it is full then use the second one.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    remove the game data thats just installs or updates, save everything else to the hdd until its full, copy to contents of the external to a pc for safe keeping then wipe it, copy the rest back onto the now empty external update and start restoring.

    ftp your backups out of there or just use your manager of choice to copy them to the external but once its full just dump the files onto a pc for a few hours, the external will be in fat32 so you'll have no problem pulling the data from it.

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    ps3haze Guest
    You can use a PC with windows XP to copy your PS3 data.

    Take the old 80 gig and the new drive and out them both in the same PC. Use a utility called HD clone and make a bit for bit copy of your old harddrive (copy free space). At the end when a box pops up to change partition size click okay. Bam new drive has everything your old drive had including game backups, saves, and trophies.

    You must have a PC with 2 free sata connectors. DO NOT use windows to initialize the drives. Windows will not see the PS3 this is normal. This is an advanced method if you don't understand post before you bork your PS3 80 gig and lose everything.

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    Studs Guest
    Or you could just go out and get yourself a bigger than 80gb external Hdd?! You can get a 1Tb Hdd now for under 80 Euro!!!

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