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Thread: Help updating firmware from new game CD?

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    Glyphist Guest

    Help updating firmware from new game CD?

    So i got a jailbroken ps3 the other day, and was told i needed a 'boot disk' for some games that were downloaded onto the HDD already. So today i went out and browsed for a game that i would actually play, and bought LA Noir. So i used it as a boot disk and the downloaded games worked fine, but when i went around to playing LA noir, it said i needed to update to the new firmware.

    How do i do this safely with keeping the jailbroken-ness and data, etc... I was reading up on the forums and saw this: settings > system settings > format utility, then updated it by letting ps3 update firmware itself.

    How exactly is this done? As in do i need internet connection, or is it on the game disc because LA noir gave me the option to upgrade when i went to play it.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Wonderkik Guest
    If you update, you can't keep the jailbreak. To play LA Noire, you will need a modified Eboot to play it on a lower firmware, and to do that you will need to dump the game to a HDD first.

    You probably should have bought a cheap used game, or search some info first ^^

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    moja Guest

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