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Thread: Help! Updates messed up backwards compatibility!

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    Khanna Guest

    Big Grin Help! Updates messed up backwards compatibility!

    I have a PS3 (60) and recently did the 2.42 update and now my PS2 games will not play. When I put them in it just says format disc and the screen goes black. I tried again and again and sometimes the sound will play but the screen's the same. It still plays PS3 games and blurays fine, but I can't figure out why my PS2 games wont work. Help please!!!

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    aries2k6 Guest
    Those damn updates can cause some pretty wierd bugs. I canīt give much advice but since your on 2.42, you might try updating to 2.43 or 2.50, to see if that fixes the problem. 2.5 also has a recovery menu so that might help. if the updates donīt fix the problem, you might have to talk to a sony rep to see what they say.

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