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Thread: Help transferring old data to new ps3

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    pacific808 Guest

    Red Face Help transferring old data to new ps3

    I have an issue with my current ps3 as it has ylod'd on me. I am thinking of getting a new system but I want to keep all my latest data. I know drives are encrypted to the original console. I was wondering if it is possible to somehow clone or back up my original hard drive without using my bricked ps3.

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    DrMitsos Guest


    Try to copy your game saves to an external media (HDD, SD etc).

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    pacific808 Guest
    Exactly how am I suppose to do that when my ps3 wont start?! Please read the post before you reply.

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    Genie Guest


    I think this might help - Ghosting a PS3 HDD Howto:


    We will be looking at howto make a Forensic copy of your Ps3 disk.As you all know the Ps3 have a Proprietary File System called the Cell File System or CFS.

    Quite correct you wont be able to view the Partition in Windows since it is a proprietary file system, although it is very possible indeed to make a exact mirror copy of the disk that will work on ONLY your PS3.

    The Ps3 allocate an encrypted filesystem serial of your ps3 on the HDD, thus it will only work for your own purposes.You wont be able to mirror a disk and copy your drive onto your friends PS3 as his Ps3 have an unique Serial asigned to it. It will fail.

    Ok the following tools will be needed


    1) Ps3
    2) Replacement HDD SATA 2.5 " 80-250GB 5400 rpm or whatever u can get hold off,some claim to get a 7200 rpm working with no probs
    3) Fully functional copy of Winhex (Must be a registered copy)
    4) Screwdriver
    5) USB enclosure for WinHex purposes with USB cable
    6) Fully installed ReiserDriver
    7) 60GB HDD free for image (if HDD is method)

    It is advisable to make just a backup with the Ps3 Backup utility just for safety sake (Not that this method wont work since it DOES work, just for secondary safety sake.


    Ok now for the hard part

    1) Use WinXP (Tested on WinXp)
    2) Download a Reiserdriver (
    3) Extract driver and copy rfsdfsd.sys into C:\Windows\System32\drivers\
    4) Merge rfsdfsd.reg into the registry
    5) Start Run regedit
    6) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Cont rol\Session Manager\DOS Devices
    7) Add a new String value.The Name should be of the form X: and the Value should be of the form \Device\Harddisk1\Partition1

    8) Be very careful to use the backslashes exactly as they are above! Place no backslashes on the desired drive letter, and no trailing backslash on after the partition!) In this step, * X: can be replaced with any free drive letter. The Harddisk and Partition numbers should be replaced with those of your ReiserFS partition.TIP: Under Windows, Harddisk numbers start at 0, but Partition numbers start at 1. (Therefore, the above example above is equivalent to /dev/hdb1 in Linux.)

    9) If you are unsure on the Harddisk number, start the Windows Disk Management utility (run diskmgmt.msc)
    10) Restart the computer, so that Windows will recognize the changes to the registry.
    11) Currently, the driver needs to be started manually, each time that the computer is started. (Until the driver is started, Windows will ask to format the ReiserFS partitions when trying to access them!)

    To start the driver:
    * Start a command window (run cmd.exe)
    * Run the following: net start rfsdfsd
    With thiss method you can view any Linux EXT2/3 partition -Nice little tool

    You have oNLY finished the first step to prepare the Ps3 HDD to be attached onto WinXP


    Remove PS3 HDD from PS3 connect to 2.5 "USB Enclosure and connect to Pc -Make sure that the drive that windows pick up the drive is the same as above STEP 8 if not change in registry to THIS current drive
    1) Install WinHEx and register (Used 14.4)
    2) Choose Forensic Interface
    4) Choose Source the PS3 drive
    5) Destination is the target drive either a second USB enclosure OR as an image file (If its an image file make sure you have a dedicated drive with sufficient disk space 40-60GB depending you model of Ps3
    6) Choose Copy entire meduim (Tick)
    7) Choose Simultanious IO (Tick)
    Click OK

    You have just made a sector for sector mirror of your Ps3 HDD. Plug in HDD and Enjoy!!!

    Just for interest sake with HexWin you can even install a bigger HDD -120GB onto a 360..Yip Ms HDD protection is cracked.

    Hope this helps BUT please do make an entire backup just for incase the SONY way with the Sony Backup Utility. This method worked for me aswell a Limited version of NG -(More tricky) ENJOY!!!

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    pacific808 Guest
    sigh... OK let me refrain the question. Is there any way I can get my data to be used in a different ps3 without using the ps3 back up utility? I know about the drives being encoded.

    Tired of newbies telling me something I already know. Any devs out there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pacific808 View Post
    Tired of newbies telling me something I already know. Any devs out there?
    This seems like it's a repeat of what was already answered here:

    Those are the two non-Sony programs currently available to get data off the PS3 HDD, but as the post I linked states they are intended for other Devs to use and neither is geared towards end-users.

    The best advice I can give you is to try one, and if you have a specific question then post in it's dedicated thread and perhaps the author will reply. Not what you wanted to hear I'm sure, but keep in mind with all the encryption what you are seeking to do Sony doesn't want to be done... so the only way to do it is with apps that are quite complex to use.

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    pacific808 Guest
    I understand and thank you so much for an actual answer. I will also post my progress to let anyone know if I am successful or not.

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    Tipli Guest
    Just make backup, use external storage. Copy ur saved games on to external HDD. Pull out the old HDD and put in the new.
    Format the new HDD in XMB, and copy your data from external HDD on to new PS3 HDD.

    Tadaa! works!

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