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    [UnAnswered] Help with Tony Hawk Project 8 for PS3

    hi again all. well i finally got my ps3 it came firm ware 1.32 out of the box. anyways i got tony hawk and this game is awsome. i went to the cheat codes site and wanted to install perfect rail, balance, specials, and unlimited focus. the codes they have dont work on the ps3. some of the codes they have for the equipment upgrades and charachter upgrades work but i cant get the codes for the stuff i want to work. so once again i turn to the people here at this site for help.

    does anyone know what the codes are and what i have to do to get them to work?

    thanks alot

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    i kinda thought that the codes might be different. i wasnt sure if i needed to do something like play carrer for a certain time before the codes would work. although some of the codes are the same the ones for balance and special and focus are different it appears. if you ever do see them please post them for me.


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    i Would have thought the cheat codes will be the same as for the ps2 and 360 (i may be wrong) but i have the same problem on the 360, type the cheats in as stated, get the confirmation noise, cheats dont work!

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    i know i have used the xodes for the psp and they work so im guessing that the cheat code sites have posted the ps2 and psp cheats as 360/ps3 cheats but they dont work. well keep the hope and soon well have our updated cheats.

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