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Thread: Help with Sixaxis controller on Vista Ultimate x64

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    daveribz Guest

    Exclamation Help with Sixaxis controller on Vista Ultimate x64

    I'm having problems with getting the sixaxis controller working on vista x64. It's been 3 straight hours that I've been messing around with that stupid driver business and I'm REALLY upset.

    I've tried EVERYTHING. 2 guides on PS3News and also a lot of other ones. I know alot about technical stuff and I'll try everything you guys suggest me.

    When I tried with MotionInJoy, everything installed correctly, but the controller is not detected when I execute the program.
    Another tutorial was to install LibUSB drivers. Did this, worked perfectly.. But can't get the controller to calibrate.

    Tried alternate methods of these guides, nothing seems to work.

    Please.. help me. I wanna play San Andreas on my laptop.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    I would say just forget it. It is possible but i haved the same troubles and don't remember what i have done to get it to work.

    But it never worked correctly. Afaik everyone haved a lot of troubles getting this to work.

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    daveribz Guest


    Forget it? I never gave up when having a PC problem.. If you would like to help me just a little bit, it would be really appreciated. What tutorial did you followed (even if you changed some things)?

    Thanks in advance!

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