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    Ran4Bud Guest

    Red Face help with rip

    Sup im new and ive been reading for days on how to rip and burn and play my ps3 games. There seems to be differant methods for doing this. I have a regular dvd burner and no external hard drive. I also have a 80 gig ps3. I know that ydl can rip games and movies but can i put those movies on a dvd dl?

    and can i play them without a mod? is there a how to, from begining like installing the ydl or sak to what software, for dummies? all the stuff i read is confusing and most is dated last year. an easy guide would be grateful. please help. Even links in order of installation would help, thanks.

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    pacific808 Guest
    Ok so far there is no way to play retail games that have been ripped except for the local devs using a dev console but it was only 1 game so far I believe they have been able to do.

    Now your questions about putting movies on a dl dvd you can if you encode it onto a dvd (pretty much the same process you use to make a dvd that will play on dvd players) but if your ripping blu-rays then quality probably will be sacrificed.

    If your thinking of burning the files directly to a dl dvd and have it burn as a data dvd with the movie file on it I think you may be able play it on the ps3. I may be wrong but I have not heard of anyone being able to do this. I suggest if you try doing this you must be able to encode the video files into a format the ps3 must be able to understand.

    To test something like this I suggest getting a small video clip and test encode it to find the settings that can work for you. Then if you have one use a small jump drive to test the video in the ps3 os and if that works trying burning it to a cd and see if it mounts and shows the file. If it doesn't then I wouldn't but you can also try burning it to a regular sl dvd and see if the video file shows up.

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    Ran4Bud Guest
    what do you mean local and dev console.

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    pacific808 Guest
    I meant the local devs on this forum.

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